Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Winter League!

With my first match of the Winter League drawing even closer, I have suddenly discovered that I may be slightly out of practice! I had a lesson on Sunday in the wind and rain which didnt really do anything for me apart from show up my alignment. Striking the ball ok, but to make things worse the first match we have to play we have to give 9 shots! And thats on three quarters of the difference! To be honest it is slightly a joke, 9 shots!, thats half of the round. The only plus side is that our opponents have higher handicaps thus prone to make more mistakes, however if they are bandits, which they could very well be, then we are basically screwed!

I will tell you all the results afterwards.

P.S. Think of me when you are all lying in bed on Sunday morning and I am teeing off in the cold and rain at 8.30!


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