Sunday, November 27, 2005

Todays top tip!

One of the most common problems that occurs in putting, whether an amateur or a PGA Tour player, is "trying" to make putts. A sure way to miss a putt is to get over the ball and really "try" to make the putt. Or tell yourself that you really need to make this putt. This will lead to bad putting. Once you have picked your line and determined the speed of the putt all you can do is get over the ball and try to make a good stroke feeling the proper speed for the distance required.

by KipPuterbaugh - The Aviara Golf Academy


At 2:02 am, Blogger richard said...

putt like a kid - with no fear ;) btw, I added your blog to my new golf blogroll which is approaching 100 blogs. Reciprocal links appreciated.


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