Sunday, November 27, 2005

Interesting Swing Drill

A Swing Drill to Improve Your Fairway Woods

Did you get a chance to see Tiger hit that fairway wood at the Grand Slam on Wednesday?

If you didn’t let me give a quick recap: He pulled out 3-wood, scorched one onto to the green, and then proceeded to make eagle!

An amazing shot!

As amateurs we often struggle hitting fairway woods, especially 3-wood.

I know many amateurs who will not even think about pulling out 3-wood on the fairway.

They will hit an iron, lay-up, and settle for par.

But think about for a moment.

If you were able to hit 3-wood “off the deck”, would it not give you a better chance at birdie or even eagle?

Yes it would!

So we are left with the question of how do we get comfortable and improve on our fairway wood shots?

A little practice routine I have learned from the guys on the Tour can definitely help!

The next time you are at the range try this little practice drill:
  • Take 3-wood out of the bag after warming up.
  • Place 3 tees in the ground in a row.
  • Set the first tee at a height that half of the golf ball is above the face of your 3-wood.
  • Set the height of the second tee at a height that golf ball is centered of the face of the 3-wood.
  • Place the final tee at ground level.
  • Address the first ball and hit it with your 3-wood.
  • Address the second and hit it with your 3-wood.
  • Finally, address the third ball and hit it with your 3-wood.
Continue to move through this drill in the same sequential order. Over time this drill will get you comfortable with the “sweeping” motion required of fairway wood shots.

And in no time you will be pulling that 3-wood out on those long par 5’s and making birdie.

Hit Them Straight and Hit Them Long!

Sean Cochran - BioForce Golf


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