Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Howell and Donald to represent England at Vilamoura

Luke Donald and David Howell will lead England's defence of the World Golf Championships at Algarve World Cup in Portugal this week when they line up alongside 23 other nations at Victoria Clube de Golfe, Vilamoura.

The competing field is as below:

1 08:40 Eduardo HERRERA/Diego VANEGAS - Colombia.
Bradley DREDGE/Stephen DODD - Wales

2 08:52 Christian REIMBOLD/Alex CEJKA - Germany.
Marco RUIZ/Carlos FRANCO - Paraguay

3 09:04 Alex QUIROZ/Pablo DEL OLMO - Mexico.
Raphaël JACQUELIN/Thomas LEVET - France

4 09:16 Scott DRUMMOND/Stephen GALLACHER - Scotland.
Henrik STENSON/Niclas FASTH - Sweden

5 09:28 Arjun ATWAL/Jyoti RANDHAWA - India.
J CHOI/Ik-Je JANG - Korea

6 09:40 Takuya TANIGUCHI/Yasuharu IMANO - Japan.
Mark HENSBY/Peter LONARD - Australia

7 09:52 Robert-Jan DERKSEN/Maarten LAFEBER - Holland.
Miguel Angel JIMÉNEZ/Sergio GARCIA - Spain

8 10:04 Mardan MAMAT/Chih-Bing LAM - Singapore.
Tim CLARK/Trevor IMMELMAN - South Africa

9 10:16 Anders HANSEN/Søren HANSEN - Denmark.

10 10:28 Manuel BERMUDEZ/Carlos LARRAIN - Venezuela.
Padraig HARRINGTON/Paul MCGINLEY - Ireland

11 10:40 WANG Ter-Chang/CHANG Tse-Peng - Chinese Taipei.
Ricardo GONZALEZ/Angel CABRERA - Argentina

12 10:52 Jose-Filipe LIMA/António SOBRINHO - Portugal.
David HOWELL/Luke DONALD - England

The venue will mark the second time only that the World Golf Championships, dating as far back as 1953, has visited Europe and the first time that it has been staged in Portugal.

Donald and Howell are the people I'm personally rooting for, me being from England ;), but the event will see 24 nations battle it out for a share of the very large $4,000,000 prize fund!

Who do you reckon will be victorious out of all the countries competing? Leave a comment and tell me what you think :)


At 12:01 am, Blogger Miranda said...

It's hard to say who will do well. There are a lot of good teams: Spain, Australia, Ireland, England, South Africa. I'm glad there are other nations competing too. Maybe I'll get to learn more about those golfers this week.

At 4:52 pm, Blogger Matt said...

Well at the moment, according to various articles Amreica and England are current favourites.

At 10:02 pm, Blogger Miranda said...

I think maybe America might have been labeled a favorite thanks to media hype. Neither of those guys are particularly on a hot streak right now. Arjun Atwal might do really well since he's near the top of the putting stats.


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