Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harrington pulls out of Hong Kong Open

Irishman, Padraig Harrington has pulled out of the UBS Hong Kong Open at the last minute. The $1.2million venue was given no reason for the drop out by the 2003 champion and last years runner up.

The co-sanctioned Hong Kong Open is already the third stop on the 2006 European Tour, and the penultimate on this year's Asian Tour. Monty was also reported to be on the verge of dropping out until he realised that his image was being used on the advertising posters.

Danish star Thomas Bjorn said many players preferred to take a break at this time of year, traditionally a rest period at the end of the season. Amongst the big names playing in the event are defending champion Miguel Angel Jimenez and the winners of the first two European tour events of 2006, David Howell and Paul Casey.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Todays top tip!

Golfers often ask me how far they should stand from the ball. To answer, I refer to a composite computer model that Dr. Ralph Mann and I generated from a biomechanical study using 54 PGA Tour pros. With the driver, the pros we tested addressed the ball with their left toe approximately 32 inches from the ball. Shorter golfers may want to increase that to 33 inches, taller players to 31. For a 5-iron, the pros stood 23 to 25 inches away; with a 9-iron, 19 to 21 inches. So, the next time you go to practice, slip a yardstick in your bag and see how you measure up.

Fred Griffin

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Todays top tip!

One of the most common problems that occurs in putting, whether an amateur or a PGA Tour player, is "trying" to make putts. A sure way to miss a putt is to get over the ball and really "try" to make the putt. Or tell yourself that you really need to make this putt. This will lead to bad putting. Once you have picked your line and determined the speed of the putt all you can do is get over the ball and try to make a good stroke feeling the proper speed for the distance required.

by KipPuterbaugh - The Aviara Golf Academy

Casey comeback seals China Open

England's Paul Casey has completed a dramatic come-from-behind victory to win the Volvo China Open and secure only his fifth European Tour Victory. Going into the final round, Casey was 5 shots off the pace but carded a magnificent 65-seven under par to equal the par-72 Shenzhen Golf Club course record.

Missing a three foot putt on the last hole which would have seen him win the event outright, Casey forced a play-off with fellow Englishman Oliver Wilson. -13 and a total of 275 after 72 holes was the end result for both of the joint leaders.

The play-off saw a calm, cool Casey easily birdie the first hole with compatriot Wilson making a bogey after hitting two bunkers.

The win for Casey was only his second this year and saw him collect a $216,660 winners cheque.

Final Result
GB&Ire unless stated
-13 P Casey, O Wilson
-12 B Lane
-11 C Plaphol (Tha), R Fisher
Selected others:
-10 Pe Lawrie
-9 M Tunnicliff
-Level N Dougherty

Interesting Swing Drill

A Swing Drill to Improve Your Fairway Woods

Did you get a chance to see Tiger hit that fairway wood at the Grand Slam on Wednesday?

If you didn’t let me give a quick recap: He pulled out 3-wood, scorched one onto to the green, and then proceeded to make eagle!

An amazing shot!

As amateurs we often struggle hitting fairway woods, especially 3-wood.

I know many amateurs who will not even think about pulling out 3-wood on the fairway.

They will hit an iron, lay-up, and settle for par.

But think about for a moment.

If you were able to hit 3-wood “off the deck”, would it not give you a better chance at birdie or even eagle?

Yes it would!

So we are left with the question of how do we get comfortable and improve on our fairway wood shots?

A little practice routine I have learned from the guys on the Tour can definitely help!

The next time you are at the range try this little practice drill:
  • Take 3-wood out of the bag after warming up.
  • Place 3 tees in the ground in a row.
  • Set the first tee at a height that half of the golf ball is above the face of your 3-wood.
  • Set the height of the second tee at a height that golf ball is centered of the face of the 3-wood.
  • Place the final tee at ground level.
  • Address the first ball and hit it with your 3-wood.
  • Address the second and hit it with your 3-wood.
  • Finally, address the third ball and hit it with your 3-wood.
Continue to move through this drill in the same sequential order. Over time this drill will get you comfortable with the “sweeping” motion required of fairway wood shots.

And in no time you will be pulling that 3-wood out on those long par 5’s and making birdie.

Hit Them Straight and Hit Them Long!

Sean Cochran - BioForce Golf

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Todays top tip!

Working with CompuSport, a biomechanical research firm, I studied 30 PGA Tour pros hitting shots inside 100 yards. From 25 yards and in, they consistently landed the ball a quarter of the way from the front edge of the green to the flag. So, if the hole was eight paces from the front, they dropped the ball two paces on.When they needed more or less flight, the pros changed clubs but kept the landing spot a quarter of the way on. If the green sloped away, they took a more lofted club and used the extra height to counter the faster surface. If the green ran uphill, they used a less lofted club for a hotter roll. But 25 percent was the Tour's golden rule.

by Fred Griffin - Grand Cypress Golf Resort

Unlucky guys, more prize money next time

It has been annonced ahead of the fourth round of the Volvo China Open, that the prize fund for next year’s event - at the Beijing Hong Hua International Golf Club from April 13-16, 2006 - will be raised by $500,000 to $1.8 million.

It will see the winner pick up a prize cheque of $285,000 and signifies Volvo's hopes for golf in China in years to come. The last increase is only a minor 38% rise but the event has seen a massive 450% increase in prize money in the past three years.

Stephen Dodd, recent World Cup winner and the defending champion in Shenzhen, said: “This huge increase in prize money is great news for players on the Asian and The European Tour, and is certain to further enhance the quality of the field, confirming Volvo as the keynote sponsor of golf on both continents.”

China Open up for grabs!

Two-day leader Chawalit Plaphol has pressed the self-destruct button in spectacular fashion to leave the Volvo China Open up for grabs going into the final round.

Full story:

Round 3 Leaderboard (top 20)







Ross FISHER (Eng)

69 68 68 205 -11

Oliver WILSON (Eng)

68 67 71 206 -10

Chawalit PLAPHOL (Thai)

65 67 74 206 -10

Lian-Wei ZHANG (PRC)

70 71 66 207 -9

Barry LANE (Eng)

67 74 67 208 -8

Søren KJELDSEN (Den)

74 67 67 208 -8


68 70 70 208 -8

Anders HANSEN (Den)

70 70 69 209 -7

Jyoti RANDHAWA (Ind)

71 67 71 209 -7

Peter LAWRIE (Ire)

69 72 68 209 -7

Gaurav GHEI (Ind)

72 70 67 209 -7

Shiv KAPUR (Ind)

69 70 70 209 -7

Fredrik WIDMARK (Swe)

75 65 69 209 -7


65 70 74 209 -7

Paul CASEY (Eng)

71 69 70 210 -6

Scott STRANGE (Aus)

73 67 70 210 -6

Kenneth FERRIE (Eng)

70 70 70 210 -6

Simon YATES (Scot)

68 68 74 210 -6

Keith HORNE (SA)

74 68 68 210 -6

Boonchu RUANGKIT (Thai)

67 73 71 211 -5

Daniel VANCSIK (Arg)

73 70 68 211 -5

Friday, November 25, 2005

Todays top tip!

Generally, when a swing is too steep it is also too narrow. Tiger Woods has one of the widest swing arcs on the tour, and this creates maximum clubhead speed along with the optimum launch angle. Work on keeping your lower body resisting while your arms stretch out into a wider arc and a full shoulder turn.

by Todd Stones - White Deer Run GC

Monty recieves OBE

Monty has recieved an OBE for his services and contribution to golf. Choosing to dedicate the award to his European Ryder Cup team-mates, he was awarded the medal by the Prince of Wales at a ceremony which took place at Buckingham Palace.

"This was awarded - I think - on behalf of The Ryder Cup Team of 2004.We won in America and I was probably the oldest player. I was the one at the helm of it I suppose, and in a way I take it for them - the whole Team. It's nice to be rewarded again for one's accomplishments, this one especially.”

Monty was the man who holed the winning putt to seal the Ryder Cup for Europe, last year
at Oakland Hills.

Currently ranked 16th in the world rankings, the 42yr-old Scot still remains optimistic that he can clinch one of the four majors. Winning the European Order of Merit for the eigthth time this year, Monty was also awarded a MBE in 1998.

Wie misses cut

Michelle Wie failed to become the first woman to make the cut on one of the major men's tours in 60 years after a disastrous finish in Japan on Friday.

Personally, I don't think that Wie is all that she is made out to be, even though she is still pretty good. Considering she is only 16, she has a long way to go but has to be careful of not to burn herself out.

What are anyone else's views?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Todays top tip!

The lob shot takes some getting used to, as the swing is long but the shot is short. To generate a long enough swing and the necessary shallow approach into impact, try to feel an underarm throwing motion with the right arm. Take practice swings (then hit balls) with your left arm off the club and let your right arm create the wide arc and shallow approach necessary to slip the leading edge under the ball.

by Dick Harmon - River Oaks CC

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Todays top tip!

Your hands at address should be in front of your body. At the top of your swing, keep them behind your head. The hands and arms must swing behind you. Try this drill: Address the ball with your hands only (no club). Imagine you have a wall touching your backside. Swing your hands and touch the wall with your right hand. Continue swinging to the left side. This will create the correct turn for you on both sides of your swing.

by Derek Hardy - The Vintage Club

Dodd to defend title at China Open

Stephen Dodd is set to defend his title at this week's China Open. Three ahead of the field at last years event, Dodd also went on to win his second Irish Open title in May, played an important role in Britain and Ireland's Seve Trophy success over Continental Europe, as well as clinching the rain-shortened WGC-World Cup in the Algarve.

The 39yr-old Welshman also finished the 2005 season with a career best of 17th in the European Tour Order of Merit.

Among his closest contenders for the second event on the 2006 European Tour schedule are Ryder Cup players Paul Casey and Thomas Levet, Thai duo Thongchai Jaidee and Thaworn Wiratchant, India's Jyoti Randhawa and local favourite Lian-Wei Zhang.

This week's event, co-sanctioned by the Asian Tour and European Tour for the second year in a row, will be the first on the 2006 European schedule to operate with a 36-hole cut for the leading 65 professionals and ties.

The cut had stood at 70 and ties since the start of the 2000 season but the Tour decided on a change in response to negative feedback from its members and in a bid to improve television coverage of tournaments at weekends.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Todays top tip!

To make sure you have the right sequence of motion on your downswing, compare your clubhead arc halfway down to its position halfway back. Set up next to a bush or small tree so that your clubhead just reaches the leaves halfway back. Then take some practice swings, stopping to check the clubhead position halfway down. Your lateral move toward the target to start the downswing and the subsequent body rotation should pull the clubhead at least a foot inside the leaves on the downswing.

Craig Shankland - Ormond Beach, Fla

Monday, November 21, 2005

Todays top tip!

Unless you're facing a fried-egg or some other buried lie in the sand, you must swing through the ball. This helps get the ball in the air and out of the bunker. To ensure that, stand outside the bunker and make a fluid practice swing up into a full-finish position. Once over the ball in the sand, "see" yourself reaching that finish. Make your swing, mimicking your physical and mental rehearsals.

Jim McLean - Jim McLean Golf Schools

2006 Ryder Cup: Ireland

For the first time in its 79-yr history, the 2006 Ryder Cup will be hosted on Irish soil. Preparations for the event have been underway since 2001 and organisers believe "The Irish are going to bring the most enormous passion for and enjoyment of sport to next year's Ryder Cup."

The event, which is set to be hosted at the K Club in County Kildare from September 22 to 24.

"It will be great. The course has matured with age, much like a fine wine, and it is getting in better and better condition every year. By 2006 it will be something everyone in Ireland is going to be proud of, a venue very much worthy of holding The Ryder Cup," were the words of Paul McGinely for more info

McGinley wins RBS shot of the month for October

Just checked the lastest news and found out that Paul McGinely has been awarded the RBS shot of the month for October award. The shot which won him the prize was a 112 yard sand wedge into the 17th green during his recent victory in the Volvo Masters.

For more info:

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Todays top tip!

A wider swing equals more power. To create maximum width -- the distance from the butt of the club to your left shoulder at the top -- set your wrists early in the backswing. How early? Both wrists should be fully hinged by the time your left arm is parallel to the ground. To feel an early hinge, try this. With just your left hand, grip down a few inches on the club. Swing your left arm back until it's parallel to the ground and then add your right hand. Your wrists should be fully hinged, the left forearm and clubshaft forming a right angle. Strive for this feeling in your normal swing.

Mike McGetrick - Mike McGetrick Golf Academy

Wales triumph in Algarve

Wales have won the World Golf Championship-World Cup after heavy rain and thunderstorms forced the cancellation of Sunday's final round on the Algarve.

The Welsh team, consisting of Stephen Dodd and Bradley Dredge, were two shot shots ahead of England and Sweden with one round left to play.

"It was the best rain I've ever watched,"Doff joked afterwards,"It would have been nice to have won over four days but we'll take winning over three days."

Finishing at 27 under par after three rounds, the event organisers decided to pay the Welsh duo the full winnings, Dodd and Dredge collecting their $700 000 cheques. It was the first time since 1987 that Wales had lifted the title, when the partnership of Ian Woosnam and David Llewellyn won in Hawaii.

The last time a World Cup was badly hit by the weather was at Las Brisas, Spain in 1989 when Australians Wayne Grady and Peter Fowler won a 36-hole tournament.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Todays top tip!

Good putters don't think about hitting a putt. Their goal is to get the ball rolling. The key to generating true roll with minimal bouncing or skidding is to swing the putter slightly upward through impact. You can do it by setting your weight properly at address. Many golfers set up with too much weight forward. But that shifts your upper body over your front foot. Result: a descending strike that can press the ball into the turf, making it hop into the air. Instead, set most of your weight over your back foot. You'll naturally swing the putter back low and follow through higher -- a swing path that gets the ball rolling right away.

Eddie Merrins - Bel-Air CC

Algarve World Cup Update

Day 3 of the World Golf Championships. The third day of the venue, in the four-ball format, witnessed the Welsh team comprising of Stephen Dodd and Bradley Dredge fire an 11 under round of 61. They take the lead from England and Sweeden, currently two shots behind at -9.

The Welsh pair opened with a 6 under 30, 3 birdies apiece, but it was Dredge's eagle that separated the boys from the men. Dredge nailed a drive to 35ft and holed the putt to put the Welsh dragons in the lead.

All three teams, Wales, England and Sweden are in close contention for the final round of foursomes tomorrow. If Wales were to the lift the trophy, it would be the first time since 1987, when Ian Woosnam and David Llewellyn won the title.

“We are in a very good position,” said Dredge. “Coming into this tournament we were both playing good golf and we have given ourselves a chance to go out and finish it off which is what we want to do.”

For more info visit:

Friday, November 18, 2005

Todays top tip!

The next time you face a lob over a bunker, imagine trying to land the ball softly on the green using a 7-iron. Open the clubface considerably (before taking your grip) and lower the handle -- meaning the butt end of the grip toward your knees -- in order to slide the clubhead underneath the ball and create the necessary loft. The higher you want the shot to fly, the lower you should set the club's handle at address, with your hands slightly behind the ball. This will force you to stand farther from the ball and widen your stance, adjustments that will help you lob the ball high and soft every time.

by Mike Lopuszynski - Jim McLean Golf Schools

Algarve World Cup Update

Day 2 of the World Golf Championships saw the competing 24 nations deadlocked in a foursomes duel.

Argentina made the record books by shooting an 11 under round of 61, breaking Fiji's Vijay Singh and Dinesh Chand's record set in 2002 by one shot. Their stunning round allowed them to be catapulted from last place to one off the lead.

Despite a struggling start, England's David Howell and Luke Donald, closed the day with a three under round of 69 to be tied for the lead along with Sweden and Wales at -16. Howell and Donald made an impressive finish with three straight birdies, yet this was topped by Wales' Stephen Dodd and Bradley Dredge scoring four straight birdies to finish.

India, who made a spectacular start to the tournament with a 60, could only muster a round of 73, one over par, to drop down to joint seventh.

-Leaderboard after round 2-

Tournament officials have brought Saturday's fourball starting time forward by several hours to 0830 GMT, with rain and high winds predicted for the afternoon.

Sports pyschologist banned!

British sports psychologist John Pates has been banned from the European Tour for three months following a scuffle with a caddie last week in China.

Pates who measures up to be 6ft 3in admitted to hitting Welsh World Cup player Bradley Dredge's former caddie, Rick Brand.

"The fact that I hit him was, in hindsight, unacceptable. At the end of the day, what I did was wrong," were the words of the psychologist

"I have no choice than to accept the ban. I need accreditation to work and they don't want me to work."

Brand who is caddying for Dutchman Robert-Jan Derksen this week, apparanlty provoked Pates, which caused the whole incident.

An official statement was released by the European Tour saying "John Pates will have his accreditation taken away for a period of three months, effective from December 1 2005. The caddie has been fined an undisclosed sum"

Thursday, November 17, 2005

England lead in Algarve

Defending champions, England, are living up to their reputation of favourites in the World Golf Championships. Partners David Howell and Luke Donald carded a blistering round of 59! Leading the event being staged in Algarve, Portugal by one clear shot, the England duo were only two shots of the World Cup record. India and Austrialia were not far behind, both countries scoring impressive rounds of 60. Wales and Sweeden are currently on -11 with Spain, last years victors three off the lead. -Leaderboard-

"Everyone wants the magic 59," said Donald, "so it was a very big putt to make. The way we were playing earlier, we had so much momentum we were thinking we could birdie every hole."

Howell added: "The way we played in practice I thought 59 was gettable and conditions were perfect."

With only a total of 120 golf professionals, mostly club pros playing on local circuits, India has only made golfing headlines once when they beat Scotland and Colin Montgomerie in 1996 to provide the shock result in the Dunhill Cup at St Andrews.

"This will be big news back home," Atwal said. "We love team games, but it is normally through cricket. This will be huge for the game."

Todays top tip!

Always remember that every shot you take is meant to make the next one as easy as possible! Keep this is mind every time you are planning your shot or selecting your club.

By Veme Perry - Pumpkin Ridge GC

Algarve World Cup

Today is the first day of the Algarve World Cup being hosted in Portugal. The event which runs until Sunday November 20 will consist of alternating days of four-balls and foursomes. Today is the first day of four-balls and with America and England the current favourites it will be interesting to see who comes out on top after day 1.

I have found a couple of good websites for more info:

It has current scores and information about the players and course.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Todays top tip!

When Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam putt, their heads stay down until the ball is almost to the hole. There's no peeking. If you pull up prematurely, you'll open your shoulders, leading to a pull or a putt struck low on the face. To keep your head steady, picture a hot iron just off the target side of your face. Don't look up until you hear the ball drop -- or you'll be toast.

Scot Sacktt - Resort Golf Group

Howell and Donald to represent England at Vilamoura

Luke Donald and David Howell will lead England's defence of the World Golf Championships at Algarve World Cup in Portugal this week when they line up alongside 23 other nations at Victoria Clube de Golfe, Vilamoura.

The competing field is as below:

1 08:40 Eduardo HERRERA/Diego VANEGAS - Colombia.
Bradley DREDGE/Stephen DODD - Wales

2 08:52 Christian REIMBOLD/Alex CEJKA - Germany.
Marco RUIZ/Carlos FRANCO - Paraguay

3 09:04 Alex QUIROZ/Pablo DEL OLMO - Mexico.
Raphaël JACQUELIN/Thomas LEVET - France

4 09:16 Scott DRUMMOND/Stephen GALLACHER - Scotland.
Henrik STENSON/Niclas FASTH - Sweden

5 09:28 Arjun ATWAL/Jyoti RANDHAWA - India.
J CHOI/Ik-Je JANG - Korea

6 09:40 Takuya TANIGUCHI/Yasuharu IMANO - Japan.
Mark HENSBY/Peter LONARD - Australia

7 09:52 Robert-Jan DERKSEN/Maarten LAFEBER - Holland.
Miguel Angel JIMÉNEZ/Sergio GARCIA - Spain

8 10:04 Mardan MAMAT/Chih-Bing LAM - Singapore.
Tim CLARK/Trevor IMMELMAN - South Africa

9 10:16 Anders HANSEN/Søren HANSEN - Denmark.

10 10:28 Manuel BERMUDEZ/Carlos LARRAIN - Venezuela.
Padraig HARRINGTON/Paul MCGINLEY - Ireland

11 10:40 WANG Ter-Chang/CHANG Tse-Peng - Chinese Taipei.
Ricardo GONZALEZ/Angel CABRERA - Argentina

12 10:52 Jose-Filipe LIMA/António SOBRINHO - Portugal.
David HOWELL/Luke DONALD - England

The venue will mark the second time only that the World Golf Championships, dating as far back as 1953, has visited Europe and the first time that it has been staged in Portugal.

Donald and Howell are the people I'm personally rooting for, me being from England ;), but the event will see 24 nations battle it out for a share of the very large $4,000,000 prize fund!

Who do you reckon will be victorious out of all the countries competing? Leave a comment and tell me what you think :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Whitehouse wins Tour class in Espana

Englishman, Tom Whitehouse has finished top of the the class after the sixth and final round of the European Tour's qualifying school finals at San Roque Club, Cadiz.

25yr-old Whitehouse, finished with a six round total of 13 under after a 4 under 68 helped him on way on Tuesday. Close behind on -11 was compatriot Robert Rock who carded a closing 71 to finish second.

The 84 players who survived Sunday's fourth round cut had to play a minimum of 26 further holes on the final day, steady rain and thunderstorms having forced the abandonment of the fifth round on Monday.

Among those securing their 2006 playing privileges were South Africans Louis Oosthuizen and Darren Fichardt, Britons Shaun Webster, David Dixon and Ian Pyman, Spaniard Santiago Luna and 1999 Ryder Cup player Jarmo Sandelin of Sweden.

"I came here to try and improve on the card that I had won the Challenge Tour and I have moved up about 34 spots on category 11 so I think we could say that it was worth coming here now," Whitehouse commented.

Todays top tip!

Golf is an art form, not a science. You don't have to conform to some mechanical model of a perfect swing. You just have to remember your goal -- to have a bunch of fun by making a little white ball go from the ground here in front of you into a target area over there.

Jim Flick - Nicklaus/Flick Game Improvement

Record Prize fund for 2006 Nissan Open

€2.2 million is the new prize fund for the 2006 Nissan Open, an increase of €200 000 from last year. The event which will be played over the highly-acclaimed Colin Montgomerie course at Carton House will be going into it's fourth year as a prestigious event on the golfing calander.

The prize fund, which has steadily been increasing over the past 30yrs, has been rapidly increasing ever since Nissan took over as title sponsors. €35 000 was the prize fund in 1975 when Christy O’Connor Jnr captured the title. It reached a dramatic point in 1996, standing at €1 000 000 when Monty won the first of his three Irish Open titles. €2,000,000 was the fund when Stephen Dodd of Wales triumphed at Carton House last year.

"The increased prize fund presents us with a great opportunity to attract some of Europe’s most elite players to play in the 2006 Nissan Irish Open as the pressure to accumulate Ryder Cup points mounts and I am confident that this coupled with our return to the superb world-class Montgomerie course in Carton House will attract record spectator numbers for a truly spectacular event in May 2006," were the words of Gerard O’Toole, Executive Chairman, Nissan Ireland.

The course where the venue is being hosted at, Carton House, was designed by Monty himself and has currently been undergoing some modifying develpoments in time for the event in May 18-21.

Monday, November 14, 2005

So...Any Views, comments, suggestions?

So...what do you think of my blog so far? Any suggestions or recommendations? Please leave a comment if you are visting for the first time and tell me what you think


Todays top tip!

The key to a proper grip is to hold the club so that your brain interprets your hands as a unit. To accomplish this, there should be only one pressure point -- the right fat pad of the thumb pressing down on the top joint of your left thumb (for right handers). This uniting pressure point ends the tug of war. To check, put a coin there -- it should remain in its position throughout your entire swing.

T.J. Tomasi - Acadamy of Golf at PGA National

2006 European tour, to have new events

As if the 2006 European tour schedule didn't have enough events, three more have just been added.

The season started in Shanghai last week with the opening Champions Tournament, won by England's David Howell. The other two new events are the Royal Trophy in Bangkok on 7-8 January and the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship in the United Arab Emirates from 19 January.

The Royal Trophy will be hosted in a Ryder Cup style event, seeing the best of Europe go head to head with the best of Asia.

In addition, the Austrian Open is making a return after nine years and will will take place between 8-11 June. Two new courses will also feature on the 2006 schedule. Beijing's Honghua International Golf Club will host the China Open in April and the Grove in Hertfordshire will stage the WGC-American Express Championship in September.

So that comes to a grand total of 50 events, including the four majors. That's one booked up diary!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Todays top tip!

Golfers who have the yips usually are older rather than younger. The reason isn't age itself or the loss of nerves, however. it's simply that a golfer usually has to have played for a long time, endured poor mechanics, and many missed putts before that fear of missing becomes so great it takes hold in the mind. The yips don't happen overnight. It takes many years of bad practice before they take over, thus the tendency for older golfer to develop them.

Dave Pelz - Dave Pelz Golf

Clarke defends Taiheiyo title

Darren Clarke has retained his Taiheiyo Masters title in Japan. Rolling in a 30ft eagle putt on the 18th enabled the man from N.Ireland to finish with a 68, -18 in total, two ahead of Japan's Mitsuhiro Tateyama.

The event was Clarke's first appearance since pulling out of the Volvo Masters to to return home to his wife Heather, who is battling cancer.

"That's the first time I've defended a title successfully," he said. "I look forward to trying to make it three in a row next year."

The win was also hailed by Tiger Woods whose father has also been suffering from cancer as well as having a heart attack.

"Darren is one of my best friends and it's good for him," said Woods, after finishing second in the HSBC Champions tournament in Shanghai.

"The things that he's had to deal with I feel so sorry for him. I can relate a little bit because of what happened to my father."

Howell hangs on to clinch title

England's David Howell outscored world number 1 Tiger Woods to take the HSBC Champions Tournament title in Shanghai.

Finishing on -20 after going into the final day only one shot ahead of Woods and Nick O'Hern, Howell fired a 68 to be three shots clear of the field and to clinch victory and a £2.7m prize cheque.

Finding the water on the 16th, Woods ended up with a 70, putting him in second place at -17.

"David has worked hard and that's what happens. You're going to improve when you put in time and he certainly has," the world no.1 commented.

"I've made a lot of progress this autumn. Second doesn't feel as good as first, that's for sure, but some wonderfully positive things have happened."

Elsewhere, Englishman Nick Doherty finished joint third with O'Hern on 14 under. World no.2 Vijay Singh had five birdies and two bogeys for a closing 69 and tied for fifth on 13 under with Denmark's Thomas Bjorn.

Padraig Harrington ended on seven under while Colin Montgomerie finished with a disappointing 74 to close on one under.

Howell's lead looked to be in jeopardy when his missed short par putts at the eighth and ninth but he recovered quickly at the 10th to restore a three-stroke lead.

"I'm very ambitious and winning events like this is the sort of stuff I want to be doing," he said.

"I've worked so hard for this win. I'm now leading the 2006 Order of Merit plus I've got some Ryder Cup points, which we're all after, so I couldn't be happier."

"I was very nervous when I missed a few putts, particularly at the ninth after missing on the eighth. "

"I played solid golf from there and Tiger perhaps wasn't on song."

Saturday, November 12, 2005

So...What do you think so far?

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Todays top tip!

Often times the driver is not the smartest club selection off the tee. Examine the terrain first and then decide if the difference between driver and 3-wood (5 to 10 yards) really matters. A driver clubface open or closed 4 degrees will miss the fairway. A more lofted 3-wood is always more accurate.

by Shelby Futch - Jacobs Golf

One ahead, with one day left

David Howell is still ahead in Shanghai, yet his lead has been reduced to only one shot.

Tiger Woods is close behind, currently at -15, sharing the second place spot with Nick O'Hern. After firing a third round 67, which contained a three putt on the ninth the world no.1 said,"Considering this is the biggest event China have had had it would be very special to have my name associated with it."

"Hopefully I can get the job done, but there's a long way to go and it's not exactly easy to make the short ones. "

Howell, who is currently leading at 16 under, finished up with 68, taking a one shot lead going into the final 18 holes.

"I think 68 was the worst score I could possibly have scored and it's slightly frustrating to have only a one-shot lead," he said.

"It's all about winning on Sunday. It's a great opportunity for me, taking on the world's best player with a one-shot lead."

"It's going to be an exciting day and I'm looking forward to the challenge."

Elsewhere, Paul Casey carded a round 73, not his best performance, putting him 8 behind. Monty ended up with a much better 68, in a round which inlcuded five birdies, however his poor start means that he is down in 25th place.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Todays top tip!

Many golfers, especially those who slice, have the misleading image that just the clubhead should be delivered to the ball. This leads to throwing the club with the hands from the top and a breakdown of the wrists through impact, producing weak shots that move left to right. Instead, focus on delivering the entire shaft to the ball. Imagine that there are three extra clubheads attached to the shaft and that they must all reach the ball at the same time.

by Mike Hebron - Smithtown Landing CC

Daily tips

I have decided to give a daily tip published by golf proffesionals to help improve your own game

England lead the way in Shanghai

England duo, Nick Dougherty and David Howell are currently joint leaders at 12 under par at the halfway stage of the HSBC Champions tournament in Shanghai.

World number 1, Tiger Woods, remains two shots behind after wet, miserable conditions hampered play. Carding a round of 69, Woods commented," I am a little bit frustrated. I didn't really get going today."

Englishmen, Dougherty and Howell are leading the field at the halfway point. Howell fired a second round 67 while Dougherty added a respectable 68 to his score. Howell, who is from Swindon, commented on the weather saying "We could just do with some nice weather and everything would be great."

Elsewhere, Monty lies 13 shots behind finding the water during his round. Ian Poulter, dressed to show in a range of silk trousers, finished with a 69, which puts him at 8 under par, 4 off the lead.

New blog

Hey all, I've just set up this blog because I'm quite a bit of a golf fan. I play regualry and I have a handicap of 10. Good or bad?!! I just thought that I could create a blog that brings people up to date news from the golfing world. Please feel free to leave your comments on the site :)


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